Teaching Kids Programming

TKP Labs is proud to teach Teaching Kids Programming Java curriculum.  This curriculum is open source and available on GitHub.  Teaching Kids Programming curriculum is specifically built to utilize The Intentional Method, an approach designed to teach students by guiding them from English comments (the intention) that they then code directly into a programming language.

For example, a student would follow the course of action listed below:

  1. One line of English = One line of code.

  2. Code one line and then run the program to verify that the translation was correct.

  3. After correctly coding a line of English (comment), then delete that line, leaving only the code.

Furthermore, the program, which is designed specifically for children ages 8 to 18, consists of various multi-part courses. Each course teaches between one and three core programming concepts and contains a written lesson plan for teachers to use in their classrooms. Other resources include video-based tutorials, quizzes and worksheets.

Cornerstones of the method include:

  • Agile Technical Practices: Methods utilize both pair- and mob- programming, wherein there are either two kids per computer or all students collaborating on one computer, respectively, to promote communication and collaboration, as well as test-driven development, rapid feedback, and a sustainable pace.

  • Mastery-Based Learning: Programming concepts are designed to build onto one another. Each course enhances the code learned in previous lessons to reinforce the development. Beyond that, the curriculum employs the Socratic Method to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Versatile Teacher Training: While this courseware is not designed to be a self-study, it can be administered by both parents and teachers. Available via multi-modal distribution, it provides innovative teaching methods including online documents, videos and remote training.



TKP Labs is committed to supporting SUPOCHO (Support the Poor Charity Organization). SUPOCHO was started in 2010 and is a non-profit located in Nkhata Bay, Malawi. SUPOCHO began from a vision by a local Malawian, Webster Nyirenda.  He saw the need to help orphans and vulnerable young people become computer literate.

We are fostering the partnership in order to help train students and teachers at SUPOCHO.  In addition we plan to help them grow their resources to broaden their impact across Malawi and East Africa.