Our Work

TKP Labs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit technology organization dedicated to providing computer programming and Internet of Things (IoT) training for eight to 18-year-old students.  We work exclusively with instructor-led curriculum, so we also facilitate versatile train-the-trainer sessions for non-technical teachers, parents and interns across varied geographic and socio-economic backgrounds.  We have partnered with Teaching Kids Programming and use their extensive (over 80 lessons) open source Java curriculum to train students.

TKP Labs utilizes Agile Technical Practices and Mastery Based Learning methods designed to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students–important traits no matter the career path a student chooses.  We ensure all classes we teach are engaging, educational, and appealing to both genders.

“I was in awe to see the students applying critical thinking
and practical approaches in a collaborative way to come
up with innovative solutions for different issues they are
tackling. I know it has been a transformative experience
that will stay with them throughout their lives.”
— Zohre Elahian, Partners for Sustainable Development Board Member

Past Highlighted Programs

Procore Teacher Training Program

Carpenteria, California

TKP Labs is collaborating with local teachers and Procore staff to teach students Teaching Kids Programming curriculum. Teachers and staff have varied backgrounds in technical concepts and the teacher training is tailored to suit even those that have never taught programming in the past to make learning how to code effective and enjoyable for the students.


Partners for Sustainable Development Train the Trainer Program

Birzeit University, West Bank

TKP Labs was hired by Partners for Sustainable Development to train 21 students how to teach computer programming to kids. The 100+ hour train-the-trainer course took place over three weeks in July and August 2017 at Birzeit University, located near the city of Ramallah in Palestine. TKP Labs tailored the training sessions and manual to suit two audiences–those with only basic programming backgrounds and those with little teaching experience. The future trainers were taught to train in the Intentional Method as well as how to use Agile techniques. All trainers gained “real-world” experience by training 25 students eight hours of Java and IoT “Hello World” curriculum. There was a noted improvement in teaching and presentation skills across the board for all 21 trainers involved. Trainers became increasingly proficient at identifying student needs, managing the class room environment, and delivering technical concepts in clear, concise, and captivating lessons.  Click here to download the case study.

Teacher Training with O2 & UK Youth

London, England

TKP Labs has conducted several teacher training programs in London and the U.K. with both O2 and UK Youth, where trainers taught staff, private prep school teachers and a juvenile hall teacher to implement early-learning java curriculum. As a result, London and England represent the greatest number of TKP Java lessons being taught outside the U.S..

HortonWorks Train the Trainer Internship Program

Santa Clara, Calif.

TKP Labs collaborated with the 2016 class of interns at HortonWorks and train them as technical trainers.  By the end of our program, interns with both technical and non-technical backgrounds were able to teach Java programming and IoT curriculum to middle school aged students.   Feedback from the interns centered around the value of being able to take something complicated and breaking it down into digestible parts and how important that could be both in and out of the classroom.

Semi-Annual Summer Camps

Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito

TKP Labs facilitates week-long summer camps with a focus on turning students away from solely consuming the technology around them.  We dive deep into Teaching Kids Programming Java curriculum and experiment with programming IoT sensors.  Students are encouraged to conceive useful ways that they could use IoT devices and then guided in executing these projects.  Demand has outpaced supply, and there are consistently waiting lists to make it into these camps

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Seattle

We conducted student and teacher training at Boys and Girls clubs in the metro Seattle area in order to grow interest and provide non-traditional programs for the youth at theses clubs

Nkwazi School Training

Lusaka, Zambia

TKP Labs worked with the Director of Computer Aid Zambia to pilot the Teaching Kids Programming Java curriculum at the Nkwazi School in Lusaka Zambia.  Over two weeks we conducted both a student training and a teacher training to ensure the follow through of the programming curriculum with future classes.  TKP Labs also demonstrated the effectiveness of an offline curriculum in parts of the world not wired to high-speed internet connections.